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Work Wheels finds its vehicle recipients via two primary charities the JPII Life Center and The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Saint John Neumann both located in Austin, Texas. We do not accept direct applications for vehicles via this website.  Instead, we primarily rely on these charitable partners to provide us with candidates when we have a vehicle.  So making contact with these two organizations is the best way to become a candidate.


    We do have a Pre-Qualification Check List, and each Applicant must provide the following:

  • Evidence of financial need.

  • Possession of a valid Texas Driver’s License.

  • Proof of automotive liability insurance at the minimum level, or show the ability to obtain it prior to vehicle delivery.

  • If accepted, a reasonable and modest donation from the applicant is encouraged, in the spirit of “Paying it Forward.”  Previous clients have chosen to donate making 10 donations of $100 each ($1,000 total), some less, some more.  This helps the next participant in the program and propagates the spirit of giving and helping others.

  • Show the ability to provide for ongoing insurance, registration, inspection, maintenance, and fuel for the vehicle.

  • Agree to provide the Mustard Seed Men with all supporting documentation as required to assess eligibility for the Work Wheels program.

  • Participant understands that delivery of a vehicle is subject to additional Terms and Conditions and that they must sign certain agreements and documentation to accept the vehicle and all associated Liabilities and obligations.

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